A little about me, Zeke Sikelianos

Cosmos, Zeke, (Toasty) Rowan, Jenelle

I grew up in a family of artists and artisans, and though I ended up in a technical field, I still consider design to an essential part of my work. I believe that information wants to be free, and the work I do is always in the service of that idea.

Today I'm a software developer at GitHub, working on Electron, an open-source project for building native applications using open web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I love to travel. In the last five years I've moved a lot, from Los Angeles to Paris to San Francisco to Oakland to New Orleans to Santa Barbara, and today we live in Berkeley, California on the warmer side of the San Francisco bay. I live with my wife Jenelle and our sons Cosmos and Rowan.