npm, Inc

The package manager for JavaScript

Hexagons are all the rage. Isometric ones especially.

npm is the package manager for JavaScript. It's a huge registry of over 275,000 open-source modules for building applications for node and the browser. During my nine-month stint at npm Incorporated, I executed a complete redesign and rebuild of the frontend and backend of the website, making it faster, cleaner, more information-dense, mobile-friendly, and more easily contributed to by the open source community.

A year after my departure, still the #1 contributor to :shrug:
Promotional banner for the Private npm product
logo concept for io.js, a short-lived fork of node
logo concept for node's logo overhaul
npm package access GUI
Sometimes a 404 is a good thing. Concept inspired by the Rubygems 404
experimental private package icons

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