Zeke Sikelianos

designer, engineer, documentarian

Work History


Founding Designer, 2021-Present

Replicate is a Berkeley-based startup focused on making it easier for humans to build and use machine learning models. We're making open-source tools for academics, researchers, and engineers to package machine learning models in containers that can be run in different environments. We're also building a platform where model authors can publish interactive demos of their models for anyone to use.


Staff Software Engineer, 2016-2021

GitHub is where the world builds software. In my five years as an engineer at GitHub, I helped launch Electron, internationalized electronjs.org, added Typescript support to Electron, launched docs.github.com, internationalized docs.github.com, open-sourced docs.github.com, and co-created the OpenAPI description for GitHub's REST API.


Designer/Developer, 2014-2015

npm is the package manager for JavaScript​: a registry of over 1 million open-source "lego blocks" for building applications for Node.js and the browser. During my time in the earliest days of npm becoming a company, long before it was acquired by Microsoft, I oversaw the redesign and rebuild of the frontend and backend of the npmjs.com website, making it faster, mobile-friendly, and more welcoming to open-source contributors.


Product Designer, Open Source Maintainer, 2012-2014

Heroku is a platform that simplifies the process of deploying, running, and scaling web applications. I wore many hats at Heroku, including designer, engineer, product manager, and open-source advocate. I designed and implemented a redesign of addons.heroku.com, Heroku's marketplace for cloud infrastructure providers, as well as other web properties like blog.heroku.com and help.heroku.com. In my last year with the company, I spent most of my time improving the Node.js development experience on Heroku by rewriting the build process, creating the semver.io microservice for resolving Node versions, writing documentation and blog posts, answering support tickets, and representing the company by speaking at conferences and mentoring at meetups.


Designer, Developer, 2011-2012

Wordnik was a startup with the ambitious goal of becoming the world's largest English dictionary. While at Wordnik, I designed, built, and maintained the high-traffic wordnik.com Ruby on Rails web application. I also co-created Swagger (now OpenAPI), a specification and set of open-source tooling that has become the de facto standard for documenting and consuming HTTP web services.

Fractured Atlas

Designer, Developer, 2009-2011

Fractured Atlas is a national non-profit organization providing services for the independent arts community. During my tenure at Gemini, I designed, coded, and maintained Rails and Sinatra applications and geospatial webservices making use of technologies like Postgres, PostGIS, CouchDB, and the Google Maps Javascript and Flash SDKs.


Developer, 2007-2009

ELC Technologies was a consultancy providing services to Fortune 500 companies in the early days of Ruby on Rails. At ELC, I was introduced to Unix, macOS, Ruby, and Amazon Web Services. I led the development and maintenance of enterprise-level websites, embracing popular practices of agile web development like pair programming, scrum management and iterative development cycles.


Interactive Director, 2006

Ideum is a small new media outfit working for museums, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies. As Interactive Director, I oversaw the production of a variety of educational and humanitarian projects, and worked extensively with Flickr and Google mashups, building applications in PHP and Python.

Rome & Gold Creative

Designer, Developer, 2002-2006

Rome & Gold Creative was a small branding agency and architectural design studio. I worked as a web designer and junior print designer, building content management systems and shopping carts using PHP and MySQL.

French Government

English Teacher, 2001-2002

In parternship with the French department at the University of New Mexico, I joined a teaching program and moved to L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Provence, France to teach American English language and culture at Lycée Polyvalent Alphonse Benoit.

Neogenesis Media

Guru Factotum, 2000-2001

Neogenesis was a documentary film production house. I worked primarily on post-video editing using Discreet Combustion and Macromedia After Effects, developed interactive CD-ROMs and Flash websites, and built and maintained a Windows network optimized for farm rendering.

Archetypal 3D

Web Designer, 1998-2000

Archetypal 3D was a small group of architectural designers. As a production assistant, I designed websites, worked on IPIX 360-degree photography, and maintained a network of workstations and rendering machines.